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Per AB130/167

Steps for Tiered Re-Engagement for Missing 2 or More Days of Parent Logged Attendance/Work

  • Teachers will need to send this Re-Engagement for Missing Attendance Email to any student who misses 2 or more days of work/parent logged attendance per Learning Period (LP)
  • This email must be sent 1 day after archiving attendance each LP.
  • This email must be sent to the main contact email address the parent has provided (not the student’s school email address).
  • Teachers, please add a note to Contact Manager with Area of Focus: Re-Engagement, and attach a pdf copy of the email sent (use Related Document).
  • Example note: Re-engagement email for missing Attendance LP# (list dates missing)

    Please contact your RC/AD with any questions.

Please see Section 18.7 for instructions related to Tiered Re-Engagement for Synchronous Instruction.