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Frequently Asked Questions

2023-2024 Work Sample Information (Use this button for locating dates/naming conventions)

HQT Missing Sample Survey

Photo Work Sample Templates

Work Sample Photo Form TK-1

Work Sample Photo Form 2-3

Work Sample Photo Form 4-8

Video Link Work Sample Template

Work Sample Video Link Form Grades 9-12

Block Schedule Classes

The Block Schedule Form should only be used when a student is taking a yearlong course over the course of one semester. For example, a student who is taking English 11A and English 11B in the fall semester. In this case, the student may complete the A portion in Quarter 1 and the B portion in Quarter 2. The block schedule form will be used for English 11B in Quarter 1, and English 11A in Quarter 2.

Please note:

  • Block Schedule Form cannot be used more than twice for the same course within the semester
  • “No Samples Submitted” documents will not be accepted

Block Schedule Form

Non-Compliant/Crisis Work Sample Form

The Non-Compliant/Crisis Work Sample Form should only be used for students in crisis or non-compliant during the reporting learning period and are unable to provide a work sample.

Non-Compliant/Crisis Work Sample Form