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RC Team Park day Schedule

Teacher Sign Ups:



December (coming soon)

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Year Park Day Flyer

August BTS Park Day




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Ignite Learning Website

Ignite Flyer (updated 8/11/23)

2023-24 Ignite Schedule

Ignite Learning Attendance Spreadsheet 23/24

Ignite Teacher Zoom Links

Zoom Rules

Please make sure your Ignite Zoom Classes are professional. The students will be focused on you. We want our students to get the best from our classes. Please be mindful of the following:

  1. The teacher need to be in a stationary position.
  2. The teacher can not teach or monitor from a car.
  3. The teacher should not have distractions. Such as, kids climbing on them or people interrupting them in their background.
  4. Please make sure your background in Zoom is professional. A blank wall or an organized space is best.
  5. The teacher needs to be engaging, focused on the community of their class and the student voices.

Sub/Day off Guidelines for CC

(Please fill out the RTO survey)

Missing Park Day

If you need to take the day off on a Park Day:

  1. Fill out the RTO survey
  2. Email your RC, Liaison and Stacy
  3. Take your name off that day’s Park Day Teacher Sign Up Spreadsheet, and sign up for another Park Day that is not one of your team’s

Missing Ignite

  1. Fill out the RTO survey
  2. Find another teacher to fill your spot. They will be the monitor in that class. You will sub for that teacher as a monitor as well.
  3. Email RC and Stacy