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Updated 7/10/23

Homeschooling parents and HSTs have the flexibility to modify curriculum to support the gifts and abilities of each individual student. We can add enrichment and extension activities for added rigor and challenge. For these reasons we don't have a GATE program.

The following resources may be helpful to HSTs and parents in planning curriculum materials and extension activities for students.


Core and Electives (Online classes):

General Resources and Ideas:


This website is run by Ian Byrd, who is a teacher of gifted students. The website is full of amazing resources specifically geared to the gifted child. He has turned his teaching into videos and you can buy them. Parents could use their funds for a product order, it's only around $150. It's called Byrdseed TV and they are direct lessons that are focused on Depth and Complexity and other higher-level thinking skills. Perfect for the gifted student.

2. Junior Great Books These books come with a teacher's guide and workbook type extension activities that push the child into critical thinking. It uses the Shared Inquiry Method, also known as the "Socratic seminar." It moves beyond literal comprehension to deeper meaning and thinking in texts.

3. Just for fun.... Gifted kids LOVE this:

4. Excellent resources and conferences through CAG (California Association of the Gifted).