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Reclassification Criteria:

The Director of ELD, in conjunction with teacher input, will specifically evaluate students who are potentially qualified for reclassification. This will occur upon release of ELPAC scores by the state.

Per California Department of Education recommendations and requirements, EL Reclassification will be based on the following four criteria:

  1. ELPAC Score - Student must have an Overall Performance Level score of 4 (the statewide standardized ELP criterion)
  2. Teacher Evaluation - Student progress as observed by the teacher, as well as student’s grades/progress indicators in math and English. Grade must be a C or higher in both courses. Progress in standards must be Meeting or Exceeding Expectations.
  3. Parent Opinion and Consultation - Parents will be invited to, and are strongly encouraged to provide input and share their opinion.
  4. English Language Proficiency - EL student’s English language proficiency will be compared with that of an English Proficient Student.

Reclassification Process

  1. The Director of ELD will initiate this process by generating the Reclassification Form for students who meet the first criteria.
  2. Form will then be sent to the teacher for further input and completion of grades, test scores, etc.
  3. Parent opinion/feedback is gathered and entered on the form. They may also consult with the Director of ELD and/or teacher regarding their child’s reclassification.
  4. At this point, if everyone is in agreement, the student is then redesignated RFEP. A Parent Notification Letter of Reclassification is mailed to the parents,.
  5. If a student has not met criteria 1, 2, or 4, they will remain EL and will be reevaluated the next school year.


The reclassification criteria and process is the same for Special Education students being considered for reclassification, except in those cases where the IEP team feels that the student’s disability, more so than a language barrier, is the reason for why the student is not qualifying for reclassification. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the IEP team, case carrier, or teacher to initiate contact with the Director of ELD to consider the alternative reclassification criteria and form. The IEP team, to include parent and the Director of ELD, will discuss and complete the form during an IEP meeting or addendum meeting. If the student is found to meet this criteria, he/she will then be reclassified to RFEP and four year monitoring will commence, as with all other RFEP students. (See Form Below)

Reclassification Form for ELs with Disabilities