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Click here for information how to cancel or adjust orders.

Unprocessed Hub Orders (Not Yet Ordered/Processed)

Pending Approval or HST Approved Status

Homeschool Teachers can make adjustments or cancel orders when they are in either status.

Processing Status

You will need to reach out to Enrichment staff to adjust or cancel orders.

Service Orders

Services that have been partially-received cannot be cancelled/refunded (this includes month-to-month & semester-long classes). We will only be able to cancel future services that have not yet been rendered.

Parents will not be reimbursed for any purchase of services made "out of pocket."

To request a cancellation of services, please fill out the MVA Cancellation/Adjustment Survey below.

Product Orders

All product order purchases are final. If purchased materials are no longer needed or wanted, items may be returned to the charter school, but refunds will not be provided.

Parents will not be reimbursed for any purchases of educational items made "out of pocket."

Please only submit requests to the Cancellation/Adjustment survey for missing and/or damaged items (damaged items may be exchanged only).

In-House Curriculum Orders

Submit Curriculum Ordering System (COS) course cancellation requests for in-house curriculum through the COS by following these instructions.

In-house curricula will be cancelled/refunded in accordance with the cancellation policies for each specific curriculum. Cancellation requests should be submitted in a timely manner and allow sufficient time for processing (late requests cannot be refunded - no exceptions).

  • Choice Plus Academy - 14-day cancellation window
  • HQT Edgenuity - 14-day cancellation window
  • K12:
    • Embark - 50% refund for curriculum within a 14-day cancellation window; NO REFUND for materials ($400 refunded, so long as cancellation processed within the 14-day grace period)
    • (K-5) - 14-day cancellation window, minus a $50 materials restocking fee per course ($290 refunded, so long as cancellation processed within the 14-day grace period)
  • Redbird Advanced Learning - NO REFUND

MVA Cancellation/Adjustment Survey.