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2024/25 Enrichment Dates

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Important Updates/Reminders:

  • Only up to 3-month subscriptions are approvable when requested after March 1st.
  • The last day to place Enrichment order requests (products, services, and field trips) was March 29, 2024.
  • All service order requests for the remainder of the 2023/24 school year (for March, April, and May services) must have been entered in Homeschool Hub by March 29th. Backdated services are not approvable.
  • Only basic daily tickets to educational venues, such as zoos, museums, etc. may be approved for students at this time.
  • Chaperone tickets are not approvable for family-led field trips.
  • Please be sure to add field trip dates to orders for family-led field trips. These field trips can only occur Monday - Friday, during school hours.
  • Please do not approve partial payments for services (the cost of services cannot be split between the school and families).
  • HSTs should not approve items for their own children. Please submit orders for students who live in your household to Secondary Approval.
  • All digital materials/subscriptions must be purchased under student's school-issued email address. These items will not be purchased under parents' personal email addresses.
  • Please ensure that service orders are specific! We need to know exactly what we are paying for (our school cannot write blank checks to vendors).

Overview of HST Responsibilities:

How to Approve Orders:

  • This video and these written instructions will help you understand how to approve orders!
  • Before approving items or services, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Do I see educational value?
    • Would the item be purchased by a brick and mortar school?
    • Does the item support my student's educational plan?
    • Are core curriculum needs being met?
    • Is only what is needed being requested?
    • Is the request educational quality (similar to what traditional brick and mortar schools could purchase/not top of the line)?
  • Please only approve orders if you can answer "yes" to the above questions.

Resources for HSTs:

Vendor Specific Resources: