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All full-time HSTs are required to host a minimum of 2 field trips per year, but we hope you will want to host more. Our field trip team is working hard to book lots of amazing educational field trips for our MVA families!

School-Planned Field Trips through FTE

Signing up for a field trip has never been easier! Click HERE to view all of the available field trips and sign up for the ones you'd like to facilitate. Once you've signed up, that's your trip! You'll receive a confirmation email from SignUp Genius upon signing up that will include all of your field trip details. You'll also receive a reminder email via SignUp Genius three days before your event, please be sure to check your spam folder for these emails. Additionally, you'll receive an email from the Field Trip team two days before your event with all of the specific details and your trip's attendee list.

For more details about Field Trips, including the annual booking schedule, HST requested field trips, FAQ, and Field Trip team contact info, please see the Field Trips & OSP Help Site.

HSTs: If you do not have the needed information 48 hours in advance of your trip, please complete this survey. Thank you!


You can change or cancel your SignUp up to 60 days before the field trip via SignUp Genius.


Families have the option to request a school provided meal for field trips. They must notify the field trip team with their request at least one week prior to the field trip date. In the event that meals are requested for your field trip, you will need to pick those meals up from your park day lead prior to your trip. If meal requests are received, the field trip team will notify you at least 4 days prior to your field trip. MVA Meal Request Form


New for the 23/24 school year, you can now request priority booking for your enrolled children on field trips you sign up to facilitate! You'll be able to make this request when you sign up to facilitate a trip on SignUp Genius. Please be aware that we can only accommodate priority booking for your enrolled children if you make that request prior to the trip going live for booking to our school. Priority booking is only available for trips you sign up to facilitate.


Please take a moment to answer a few questions on this survey after you've facilitated your field trip! Your answers will help us better organize and provide field trip details to HSTs and families.


HST-Planned Field Trips through FTE

Please see the Field Trips & OSP Help Site.


Family-Planned Field Trips through Enrichment

Families can also plan educational field trips on their own through the Homeschool Hub using planning amounts for student tickets and paying out of pocket for chaperone tickets. Information can be found here.

Annual, educational field trip passes for students, to locations such as the zoo, museums, science centers, etc., are approvable during the months of July, August, and September through Enrichment.

  • Field trips should take place during the school week, during school hours.
  • Chaperone passes are NOT approvable.
  • Parking passes to locations, such as county, state, and national parks are not approvable.
  • While annual field trip passes are approvable during the months of July and August, individual family-led trips should not occur until the first day of school.
  • Effective October 1st, only daily student admission tickets for family-led field trips will be approvable.


HSTs, Please familiarize yourself with our Field Trips & Events Site for Families

Field Trips & Events (FTE) Site

Field trips will be available for viewing two months in advance, and open for booking one month in advance. Additionally, booking times will vary depending on when in the month the trip takes place. This will ensure tickets are booked properly and will provide families with the ability to book more field trip opportunities.

In between booking times, please inform families to be sure to log completely out of the Field Trip site. Families will need to log in at or after the booking time, each half hour, in order to be able to book tickets properly.

A "Favorite” feature is now available on the FTE sites for families! Now when families browse upcoming field trips, they can mark their favorites so they can easily find them when they go back later to book! Once a trip has been selected as a "favorite" it will appear in the "Show Favorites" list that can be selected at the top of the Field Trips page!

Teachers and Families should also review the FAQ on the FTE Site.