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2024-2025 Intent to Return and Proof of Residency JotForm

POR Parent Guidelines AY2024-2025

POR Verification Instructions


(for staff)

This guide is intended to help HST’s verify POR documents for upload into the School Pathways Archives. If you have a questionable document and you are not sure if it’s approvable, please reach out to your Regional Coordinator or attend compliance office hours.

When a family on your roster submits a document for proof of residency via Jotform, you will receive an email with a PDF of their form. Open the PDF and review the document to see that it meets the following requirements below:

Acceptable Documents

The document submitted MUST be a FULL copy of one of the following. Utility service contract, statement, or payment receipts - e.g. Gas, Water, Electric, Sewage, home internet, Trash, Cable, or Home Phone (cell phone NOT accepted). Please know that disconnection utility notices CANNOT be accepted.

  • Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipt for rental property (Agreements must be current and have the signature page reflecting both the renters and owner/landlord signature and date)
  • Correspondence from a government agency - e.g. CalWORKS, Social Security benefits statement, Medi-Cal, EDD
  • Mock bills are acceptable for military families.

We will not accept the following documents:

  • IRS documents
  • Home ownership documents (mortgage, property tax, escrow)
  • Driver’s License, DMV notices, voter registration, cell phone bill, health care documents, bank statements, disconnection notice or paystubs

Required information:


Date: The date can be the date mailed, prepared date or due date but must be dated within 90 days of the submission date.

Physical/Service Address: A physical or service address must be listed on the document. No PO Boxes will be accepted.

Name of Parent/Guardian: The legal parent/guardian/caregiver of the student must be listed on the document and match our records.

How to upload:

Once you have reviewed the residency document, download it and upload it under the section marked “Proof of Residence Document Upload” for each student in the family with an active enrollment record. The same document will need to be repeated for each student. Be sure you upload under the 24-25 tab.

**Do not upload a document that will not be approved. If you have a concern, reach out to your RC**

● Be sure to archive the file in the 24-25 year under the report title, “Proof of Residence.”

Teachers>Compliance>Archive Compliance

  • You will notice that the family will only need to complete the Jotform once per family (not for each individual student). They will be able to list all students enrolled on one form.

**New Families for the 24-25 School Year**

The Enrollment Department will upload, archive, and approve PORs for new students during enrollment.

Homeless Families- McKinney Vento

If a family cannot submit a POR document to establish residency due to homelessness, the parent can select an option on the POR Jotform. Returning families will be asked to answer a few questions on the Jotform. If upon answering the questions, the family appears to be facing homelessness, they will be directed to download the McKinney-Vento form. The family must complete the downloaded form and then upload it to the JotForm as their document for residency. Once the McKinney-Vento (POR) form has been uploaded and submitted, the homeless liaison will be notified. They will work with the family and the HST to determine if the family qualifies under the McKinney-Vento Act or if the response was in error. If an HST has questions or needs assistance with families facing homelessness, please reach out to they can reach out to the liaison.



Q: Can I print out a residency verification letter online somewhere?

A: Yes. If you have SDGE, go to your homepage> Click on Services> Click on Services Overview >Request Letter of Residency> Download request.

Q: My family did not submit a document from the approved list.

A: Reach out to the family to obtain another POR document from the list. If they cannot provide one, please contact your RC for assistance. Please do not upload a document if it’s not on the approved list.

Q: What if my family lives in an RV Park?

A: If the family has a lease for an RV park, we can use a signed lease as proof of residence. If they leave the park before the end of the school year, the teacher will need to obtain an updated POR from the family.

Q: The document submitted is older than 90 days.

A: Reach out to the family for a more recent POR from the list. The invoice or billing date must be dated on or after 12/18/2023

Q: My student is an active military family with orders to be stationed outside of the boundaries our school serves but wishes to continue their enrollment.

A: You will need to upload the full military orders, military affidavit that is located in the JotForm, and proof of residence.

Q: My family submitted a lease/rental agreement older than 90 days. What should I do?

A: Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipt for rental property (Agreements must be current and have the signature page reflecting both the renters and owner/landlord signature and date). Families can also get a letter from the landlord stating that the family still resides at the address on the lease. The letter will need to have the address listed on the lease, the landlord’s name, and signature, along with the person verifying residency for the student. It must also be dated within the time frame listed above

Q: My student has moved. What do I do?

A: Each time your student moves, you must obtain a new POR within 10 days of the move and have the family complete a change of address in the parent portal via Jotform. They will need to submit a new POR that you will need to then upload to be approved.

Q: The JOT form arrived but not the PDF for a family who is homeless. What should I do?

A: If the PDF is not attached to the email with the Jotform information, please email your homeless liaison and include the student DID# so they can assist you.

Q: My question is not listed here

A: For questions and assistance, please email POR at your school