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Foster and Homeless Youth / AB 167/216 Graduation Path

Basic Information:

  • Education Code 51225.1 allows foster youth, homeless/transitional, probation students, and migratory students to be exempt from graduation requirements that exceed state requirements if:
    • The student transfers schools after completing 2 years of high school
    • The student is not reasonably able to complete graduation requirements within 4 years of high school
    • The educational rights holder or student (if over 18 years old) must determine whether it is in the youth’s best interest to graduate under AB 167/216
  • The student must meet California graduation requirements.
  • The High School Counselor will evaluate the student’s records and determine whether the student is reasonably able to complete our graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirement Comparison:

HST Role:

  • If your student is eligible for the AB 167/216 graduation path, then the student will be enrolled in the appropriate graduation path in Pathways.
  • If your student is eligible for the AB 167/216 graduation path, please make sure that they have access to curriculum, tech, and enrichment as soon as possible. It is vital that students start working towards graduation goals immediately.
  • Documentation of the student’s eligibility will be uploaded to the student’s Dashboard under the Notes section in Pathways.
  • If you believe your student should be enrolled in the AB 167/216 graduation path and there is no documentation in Pathways, please reach out to your student's high school counselor immediately.
  • If your student is ineligible for the AB 167/216 graduation path, their status can be re-evaluated at any time during the school year. Please continue to monitor your student’s course progress and notify the counselor immediately if you think the student may be struggling.
  • Please note, students who graduate with the AB 167/216 may or may not be able to apply to a 4-year college right after high school graduation. Please consult with your student's high school counselor to see what the student’s post-high school options are.