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Guiding Questions

Families have the choice of a variety of curriculum options. Here are some guiding questions to help you support your family in choosing curriculum:

  1. Online or offline?
  2. If online, would live online sessions work with student’s schedule?
  3. Does the family want a content teacher (HQT) for each course to handle instruction and grading?
  4. Does the parent prefer a traditional homeschool role (choosing curriculum, providing instruction and feedback to their student, monitoring progress through the curriculum, emailing the teacher only with concerns, etc.)?
  5. Is the student performing at grade level or lower/higher?
  6. Does the student have an IEP or 504 Plan?
  7. Does the parent prefer a curriculum that is “a-g” as is (with an online vendor), or do they prefer to use a curriculum of choice and follow the UC approved Course Outline to meet “a-g” course credit?

A-G, Honors, AP Course Adoption / Self-Certification

Does my course need to be adopted or self-certified?

Step 1: Check the UCOP Course List for your curriculum provider. Are they listed?

  • No - please use an A-G course outline if available. If no outline is available for the course, please work with your RC or High School AD to determine options.
  • Yes - please continue to Step 2

Step 2: Verify the course is listed by the provider on the UCOP Course List. If listed, your student is set to order and begin the course. If the course is not listed, please complete this survey. For AP courses, the survey must be completed by December 30 each year. Also, please share the College Board website with your families so they are aware of testing options.