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We use Schoology to house our course outline courses, Starline Press, and some electives. For the course types listed below, you will complete a survey (linked below) and the high school team will create a copy of the course for you. Please note that you will only need one copy of a course. For example, if you have three students taking Biology A this semester, you will have one Biology A course.

Courses housed in Schoology:

  • any course using a course outline/Starline Press
  • PE
  • Electives that do not come from an online platform with a gradebook

Please see below to access instructions for Schoology

As a reminder, we have High School Help Desk and are happy to answer any questions/help with course setup at the help desk. To access the help desk, please click the link on the schoolwide master calendar.

Link to Schoology Platform

Survey to request Schoology courses (Closed for spring. Please visit HS Help Desk M-W to get a Schoology course copied)

Schoology Resources for HSTs

Periodically, Schoology courses will need a correction to fix an error or broken link. Corrections are posted in the weekly update and recorded here. Please make these changes to your Schoology courses ASAP. If you have questions about the updates, please attend HS Help Desk

Schoology Course Corrections

Schoology Training (conducted 9/20/23) Slides & Recording