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Mission Vista Academy's Graduation Requirements are posted here, on the school website.

Important reminders about graduation requirements:

  • High school graduation requirements are not the same as college entrance requirements.
  • Students should select courses based on academic, career, and personal interest.
  • Students who plan to attend a 4-year university or college right after high school will need to research each institution’s admission requirements.
  • The high school counselor can help guide students through the college admissions process.
  • Students who may withdraw from our school should always check their local high school graduation requirements before transferring, as graduation requirements will vary. Students who plan to transfer may need to take 6 classes (30 credits) per semester to stay on track for graduation. Students who plan to transfer may also need to fulfill the PE requirement.
  • Foster youth, homeless/transitional students, and probation students may be eligible to graduate with the state minimum requirements. Please visit the AB 167/216 Eligibility section of the HST Handbook to learn more about the reduced graduation requirements and to check whether you student qualifies.

2-Year Algebra Credit Allocation