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Petition to Graduate Link- HSTs will submit a petition to graduate during the first LP of the semester. For all students graduating at the end of the semester. For example, the Petition to Graduate will be submitted during LP 1 for all students graduating fall semester, and LP 5 for those graduating spring semester.

Fall/Early Grads:

Steps for exiting grads: Enter final letter grades. Once final grades are entered and the report card is finalized, notify the Counselor (cc your RC and Compliance Specialist)

Document items collected and/or missing on the student inventory, Collect and archive all attendance logs and work samples.

Complete withdrawal survey

  • Type of Withdraw: Graduating Student • Student First and Last Name • Student Date of Birth • Grade Level • SSID • Is student SPED designated? • Last Day of attendance? (Last day of verifiable attendance) • Grade Level Specific Report Card Option • Counselor • Reason for Leaving? (Exit code E230)

Spring Grads:

Follow the steps above, however, please only notify the counselor if the student has failed a course and will not be eligible to graduate.