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Steps for Requesting Time off

  1. Email your RC/AD prior to requesting time off and complete this 23/24 RTO Survey for dates to 6/30/24 or 24/25 RTO Survey for dates 7/1/24 or later
  2. If you are requesting to work out of state, please follow the directions and complete the survey in section 9.4.
  3. Please set your away message on phone/email. Sample Message. (If you receive a text, it is okay to respond that you are out. Otherwise, please do not work while you are on PTO.)
  4. Enter your Request for Time Off in Paycom (sick leave, bereavement leave*, or vacation (if eligible)) *For Paid Sick Leave, a doctor's certification is required for 3 consecutive days of absence. You can send the note and RTO form to payroll@. RTO *For 1-2 days of sick leave, input in Paycom directly, no form required. **For Bereavement Leave, please review the specific details for this leave in the employee handbook and reach out to hrhelp@ prior to submitting your form or survey.
  5. Once your timecard has been approved, you will receive an email from Paycom directing you to log in and approve your timecard. Example: "You have items on your timecard that need your attention. Please log in to Paycom Employee Self-Service and go to "Time Management" to address these items. Thank You Pay Period: 06/01/2024 - 06/15/2024" Please select the correct timecard prior to approving.

*For questions regarding PTO, please email:

* If you are requesting time off for reasons OTHER THAN those listed above, complete the most recent MVA RTO form found on the South Schools Support site and send a copy to Payroll.

* Additional information regarding leave can be found in the employee handbook.

Paycom Leave Information:

Paycom Leave Information:

Only bereavement leave, sick leave, and vacation (if eligible) are available to be utilized through Paycom. If you have completed the above necessary steps and are ready to report your time off, sign onto Paycom, and on the homepage page select, "Request Time Off" which is located in the Time-Off Requests tab. Next, you will select add time off request and select the type of time off, the start and end dates of your leave, whether it's a full or partial day, and the number of hours you're requesting off. There is even space for you to include a note to your supervisor. Lastly, you'll hit add request and that's it! Please see below for a sample view of what you should see when requesting time off:


If you need to request another type of leave, such as unpaid leave or jury duty, please submit the RTO form or reach out to Human Resources.

As always, you can find more Paycom resources on the South Support Site (SSS) and if you have any questions with regard to your leave balances reflected in Paycom, timesheets, or general questions, please reach out to for assistance.