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Reading Resources for Staff:

Reading Intervention

  • Reading Intervention Flowchart
  • Tier 1 Programs
    • Learning Ally - Check to see if your student already has an Audiobook Solution account at Learning Ally in this spreadsheet. Please complete this request survey for MVA students who do not already have a Learning Ally account and who you believe are eligible to receive the services per the Eligibility Guideline.
  • Reading Lab (Tier 2) is designed to support grades 1-6 students who have been identified as needing small group targeted reading intervention.
    • Students are identified as needing Tier 2 reading intervention based on receiving Level 1 in ELA SBAC OR Level 1 in Star Reading. Reading Lab is best for students who can be successful in a small group virtual setting and not already in another school-provided intervention program for reading/decoding. You can personalize this Reading Email Template and send to families explaining the Reading Lab program, expectations, and possible class schedule.
      • How to refer student to Reading Lab?
        1. To refer your grade 1-6 student to Tier 2 Reading Lab, please complete the SIPPS Placement Screener with student and upload a pdf of the scoresheet to the SIPPS Test Upload Form (coming July). Make sure you use the appropriate SIPPS test for the student's grade.
      • Expectations
        • 1 semester of systematic reading intervention using SIPPS (Fun with Phonics or Decoding Detectives) OR Voyager Passport curricula (Reading Rangers)
        • Online classes led by Reading Intervention Teachers meet twice a week for 45 minutes each session
        • For the reading intervention program to be effective:
          • Students are expected to attend every session. No more than 2 unexcused absences.
          • Cameras should be on during virtual class. Students should use earbuds/headphones with a mic or be in a separate quiet space away from distractions.
          • Progress monitoring using a 1-minute assessment called Star CBM Reading before Sep 9 and during LP meetings with the HST.
          • Weekly reading intervention practice and homework will be assigned.
    • Reading Lab Class Schedule for 2nd Semester
      • Mandatory Virtual Parent Orientation will take place week of September 3rd
      • Classes will start the week of September 9th
      • Grades 1-3 Fun with Phonics
        • M/W 9-9:45 - Beginner Lesson 1 (Phonics)
        • M/W 10-10:45 - Beginner Lesson 11 (Phonics)
        • M/W 10-10:45 - Beginner Lesson 21 (Phonics)
        • T/TH 10-10:45 - Beginner Lesson 31 (Phonics)
        • M/W 11-11:45 - Beginner Lesson 41 (Phonics)
        • M/W 11-11:45 - Extension Lesson 1 (Phonics)
        • T/TH 9-9:45 - Extension Lesson 1 (Phonics)
        • T/TH 10-10:45 - Extension Lesson 16 (Phonics)
      • Grades 4-6 - Decoding Detectives OR Reading Rangers
        • M/W 10-10:45 Challenge (Decoding)
        • M/W 11-11:45 Plus Lesson 9 (Decoding)
        • M/W 12-12:45 Plus Lesson 16 (Decoding)
        • M/W 1-1:45 Plus Lesson 31 (Decoding)
        • M/W 10-10:45 Above Challenge (Reading Rangers - focus on fluency and comprehension)
        • T/TH 10-10:45 Above Challenge (Reading Rangers - focus on fluency and comprehension)

Resource that you can share directly with families: