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Speech MTSS Program

  • 10-week cycles - 1 week on parent orientation, 9 weeks of student instruction
  • Students meet with Speech Language Pathologist weekly over Zoom
  • Evidence-based, targeted instruction of no more than 3 students
  • Students are expected to attend all sessions and complete 15 minutes a day of speech related practice with parent support
Speech MTSS Program Dates
  • Cycle 3 - March 4 - May 17 (CLOSED - new referrals received in Febrary will be placed on waitlist)
    • Speech Observation is due Friday, February 9 (4:00 PM)*

*Refer your student to Speech MTSS as soon as possible following the Speech Observation Process. Please do not wait until the deadline date to submit the required recording and documentation, as there is a limited number of Speech SST meetings each week and they often fill up quickly.

To be considered for speech intervention in Fall 2024, new speech observations must be administered and recorded no earlier than August 2024 for new or returning students to the intervention (updated 2/26/24).

Speech MTSS Referral Process

Resource that you can share directly with families:

Family/Parent Resources Webpage on Speech