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SST Process

The Student Study Team (SST) consists of the parent/guardian, the home school teacher, Student Support Coordinator (SSC), and sometimes other educational professionals. The goal of an SST Team Meeting is to discuss and identify where the student is struggling, review interventions and strategies implemented, and begin a new plan to support the student’s individual needs with Multi-tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS). After the initial SST meeting, the Support Coordinator will be checking in with the HST and/or the parent/guardian to ensure supports in place are useful and to answer any concerns that arise. The team will come together as needed for the success of the student. If the team determines the interventions are not enough to support the student’s needs, the SST Team may refer the student for a SPED Evaluation.

The data and documentation accumulated during the SST process will aid in supporting the need for the formal SPED evaluation.

To request an SST meeting, the HST will fill out the Student Support & Intervention Referral Form. Once the Student Support Department receives the form, the HST will be contacted to begin the process.


Student Support Team Office Hours - Mondays 9:00 -10:00 ZOOM