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Learning Period Meetings are held with each family once every 20 school days. The learning coach and the student(s) must attend each meeting. Two LP meetings per semester must be held in-person (no more than 60 days apart).

For each Learning Period you should email your families with the due dates for Attendance and Work Record samples.

**Attendance must be claimed on the last day of the LP**

Learning Period Meetings Topics:

  • Talk about the educational plan for your students
  • Discuss learning that has occurred over the past 20 school days
  • Review student work that has been completed over the past 20 school days
  • Celebrate successes and discuss any learning concerns
  • Discuss curriculum as needed
  • Discuss orders as needed
  • Discuss plans and learning goals for the next month of learning ahead
  • Update & Assign Assignment & Work Records (AWRs) for the next learning period
  • Discuss I Can Statements and clarify any questions
  • Schedule future Learning Period Meetings
  • Discuss Assessments & provide updates regarding testing (in-house & state testing)
  • Collect Work Samples (if they have not already been received)
  • Answer any questions the family may have
  • Collect any additional information requested by the school
  • Provide additional updates

Meeting Notes & Topics are updated as a new learning period approaches. You are welcome to make a copy for your reference and modify for your own meetings. Please note: These notes are for teacher reference only and are not intended to be a complete reference. Please make sure you have reviewed and added the additional content necessary to conduct your personalized learning period meetings with your families.

Learning Period meetings are scheduled for 60 minutes or longer for students and families with more complex needs such as a student in High School or a student with an IEP.

Students with IEPs, 504 and SST plans will require additional meeting attendance by the Homeschool Teacher at various times throughout the school year. These meetings are in addition to the regularly scheduled monthly Learning Period meetings.

Please see this page for a description of Good, Better, and Best LP Meetings Practices.

In-Person Meeting Waiver

Per school policy, students and teachers must meet in person at least twice each semester for a minimum of (4) meetings per school year. At the discretion of the Senior Director, one in-person meeting may be waived per year for a pupil given extraordinary circumstances. If a family requests an in-person waiver, please reach out to your RC for instructions. The deadline for in-person waivers is the last day of LP3 and the last day of LP7.