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Below are the login credentials to the Reading Eggs and MathSeeds admin accounts.


This account is a SHARED ADMIN ACCOUNT USED BY ALL HSTs. Please DO NOT change ANY of the account information, including but not limited to:

  • Profile name
  • Profile email address
  • Profile password

This account should only be used for student monitoring.

DO NOT add students to the account. If you need assistance adding students to the account, please contact our OSP Coordinator at osphelp@

DO NOT remove any students from the classrooms or add any classrooms in Reading Eggs. Students are placed into the classrooms as they are uploaded. If you need access to the students progress or data please search the individual student.


Password: ReadingEggsAdmin2021!

Click HERE to view the Reading Eggs PD from September 28, 2023, provided by the Reading Eggs Representative.

To see what a student has completed per lesson, please see these guides:

Reading Eggs Getting Started Guide

Reading Eggs Teacher Guide

Reading Eggs Express

MathSeeds User Guide

MVA Presents Reading Eggs Recording: November 15, 2023, by Katie Bock

MVA Reading Eggs Folder of Resources - HST Only.(Do not share links with families.)

MVA Presents MathSeeds Recording January 30, 2024 by Katie Bock

MVA MathSeeds Folder of Resources - HST Only (Do not share links with families.)