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23/24 Withdrawal Survey (Do not complete without RC approval)

Updated Withdrawal Instructions (10/14/22)

STEP #1 - Notify your RC of the withdrawal request. They will email you instructions.

Please follow the steps below carefully before submitting the survey. Please note that if any items are incomplete or missing after 5 school days since notification of withdrawal, you will submit that survey on the 5th day (one week after being notified).

  • Document the withdrawal request in the Student Notes area of School Pathways (at the bottom of the student's dashboard). Written notification must be uploaded, and verbal notification explained (type a summary of your conversation).
  • Email the student's case manager, HQT(s), and counselor
  • Collect all necessary paperwork. This includes a work sample, AWR, and gridlog, i.e. attendance log, for the LP in which the student's last day was listed. For example, if the parent reports that the student's last day was in the middle of LP2, you need to upload a work sample, AWR, and gridlog for LP2. You have one week to collect these items from the date you are notified of WD. Please do your best to gather all items as the preferred option is claiming all attendance possible. However, if the parent does not provide you with a work sample or gridlog after multiple reminders, you will mark the student absent for their final LP. If the student did not attend at all, and it is within 5 school days of their start date, you will submit the withdrawal as an informal withdrawal. Otherwise, it is a formal withdrawal.
  • Complete a report card for the student. For Tk-8, be sure to include the last date of attendance. Directions are here.
  • If your family is attending a private school, homeschooling, moving out of state, or moving out of the country, collect a Confirmation of Enrollment form, located here. Please note, the form needs to be filled out by the new school, not the parent. The parent only completes if they will be homeschooling (filing a PSA)
  • Collect all non-consumable and technology items. When collecting technology items, please download a copy of the student inventory sheet within Homeschool Hub and provide your family with a copy. More information regarding our returns process can be found here.

Once you are done with these steps (or, if 5 school days have passed) complete the withdrawal survey, located here.

Helpful Instructions for Mid-Cycle Attendance due to Withdrawal

High School Withdrawal Follow Up

HST Instructions: Please check the E-140 Exit Code spreadsheet for your name (use the Control F feature to search). If one of your students is listed on this sheet, it means that they are currently listed as a dropout in our system. Please follow up with the family using the resources on the High School Withdrawal Follow Up document. If you have questions, please reach out to records@.

Report Card Directions for Withdrawals