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Please contact the SIS Department at

Please contact the SIS Department for any questions regarding Student Transfers.

Directions for Common Tasks:

How to Log In

  • In your web browser, navigate to
  • First Time Users:
    • Username: first initial and last name (e.g. tsmith for Terry Smith)
    • Password: Mission1!
    • School/District: missionvista
  • Please change your password after you login for the first time.

How to Access Your Roster

How to pull your list of assigned students

  • Once in the correct scope, select Teachers>PLS Roster.
  • If your roster does not appear, choose a different date range and click update.

What do the Icons mean?

Check for Signed Document Compliance

  • Select: Teachers > Compliance > Signed Document Compliance
  • This will show you anything you need to sign as well as anything your families still need to sign. It will also allow you to resend anything still needing a signature.

Add a Student Note

Click Here

  • "Student" Notes can be added to your student's dashboard by scrolling all the way down to the bottom and clicking on the notes section.

Use Contact Manager

Click Here

  • Use contact manager to document important communication.
  • Teachers > Contact Manager > Contact Manager
  • Next to the student's name, select "contact now".
  • Adjust the day and time of the contact (you'll only have a beginning time for an email or missed phone call).
  • Select the contact method from the drop down menu.
  • Mention in the notes the reason for the contact (e.g. Attempting to make initial contact and get MA signed).
  • Click Save.

Archive Compliance Items

  • Go to: Teachers > Compliance > Archived Compliance
  • Under Other Options find "Report Title" and select the report you wish to pull (e.g. Work Samples, StudentMA, HDCFrom, or GridLogCheck for attendance)
  • Select which date range you want (usually the entire school year).
  • Report Status: Use the filter option "All"
  • Select yourself as staff and click generate report.
  • You may now check for completion OR upload any needed documents.

How to Pull Testing Scores

  • Click HERE for directions