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The Difference between Purpose, Vision and Mission - What Drives What? -  Center for Agile Leadership® Why are we using this schoolwide initiative?

  • Literacy building is a key skill for grades TK-3
  • Great supplement to any and all curriculum options our families may be using
  • Supports student readiness for Star 360 and CAASPP testing in a super FUN and ENGAGING way
  • It is completely free!!

What is Footsteps 2 Brilliance?

Who is eligible for this program?

When does it start?

Where can I access this awesome program?

  • Please reach out to Lisa Mesa with any questions.

How do I sign my student up?

  • all TK-3 graders will be signed up automatically...thanks to a team effort by tech, testing, and school support dept.
  • 23/24SY, the MVA Footsteps to Brilliance emails will be sent to families by early September. If they are signing up on their own, the information will not transfer over, so it is best if they wait to sign up with the MVA email they will receive in grades TK-3.

For more information visit the F2B page in the Multilingual and EL Resources Site or reach out to Lisa Mesa.