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We appreciate the collaboration between GE and Sped teachers. HSTs can help prepare for an IEP by following the guidelines below:

Come prepared to speak on behalf of the student and share about their progress data including both objective and subjective data

  • Basic Academic Knowledge
    • This includes progress is their chosen curriculum, data collection, work samples, and informal assessments (i.e. Curriculum Based Measurement through Star 360).
    • If the parent has academic concerns, the HST should consider collecting additional work samples and/or working with the student directly to collect data on the student before the meeting.
    • Report any concerns you or the parent have to the Case Manager prior to the meeting so the team can prepare accordingly and there are no surprises.
  • Daily/Weekly Schedule
    • This includes detailed knowledge of what your student’s daily instructional schedule looks like and which vendor programs they participate in weekly.
  • Statewide testing
    • Be familiar with the accommodations your student utilizes throughout their academic day. HST’s should be able to speak competently about this and how they are being implemented. The IEP team should not be adding any accommodations a student does not use regularly (i.e. speech to text, read aloud, etc.)
  • Star 360 Scores
    • The results should be analyzed directly after the student takes the assessments. If the student scores in the yellow or red, that is a red flag and you should look deeper.
      • Did the student rush? Does the student need to retake the test? Do they need a proctor for the test?
      • HST should be expected to speak to the scores and discuss appropriate General Education Intervention options available to the student.

For more information please follow this link which we made available to everyone: What To Expect During an IEP Meeting

Role Play Scenario

  • Our student, John, is eligible under Speech Language Impairment and is in 3rd grade.
  • The student only receives Speech and Language service.
  • The Case Manager and the HST are having a communication exchange during an IEP meeting and discussing a parent concern.
  • Please watch for the level of preparedness and the knowledge of the student that the HST has in this scenario.

Mock IEP-HST Participation