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Mission Vista Academy’s Approach to Testing and Assessments

Assessments are not designed to find flaws, rather they are used to identify student strengths and potential areas for learning. Mission Vista asks our students to participate in two types of assessments, our in-house assessment, which is the Star 360, and state testing California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

Since testing is so important for our charter and we want to know how are students are doing, MVA's school board added testing as part of our compliance policy this year.

  • The Master Agreement reflects this on Page 4, Bullet Point #4 under Parent/Legal Guardians Agreement:
  • The Parent/Student Handbook reflects this on Pages 9, 43, 44:

  • Board-approved Non-Compliance policy on the school website (pg. 404 of Board Packet from June 22, 2023).

Star 360

Star 360 is an online assessment for math and language arts that provides insights and support for each student’s grade level that can be used for guiding instruction. Each subject of the STAR 360 assessment takes only approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Students will take it at the beginning of the year within two weeks of enrollment, in December, and again in May. HSTs will proctor this assessment.

Star 360 Benchmark Assessment Windows 23-24

  • Fall 8/21/23 to 9/1/23
  • Winter 12/1/23 to 12/14/23
  • Spring 4/29/24 - 5/10/24


CAASPP In-person testing: March 4th - March 29th.

CAASPP Remote testing: March 25th - April 19th.

Mission Vista is a public charter school, therefore our students participate in the following state standardized tests:

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) in ELA and Math · Grades 3 – 8 and 11

California Standards Test for Science (CAST) · Grades 5, 8 and one time in high school (grades 10-12):

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) · Grades 5, 7 and 9

ELPAC testing (English Learners only)

A few teacher notes:

  • All staff will be asked to proctor SBAC and CAST assessments until all your students have tested.
  • Make up testing will become the responsibility of the assigned HST. Make every effort to encourage students to attend the original assigned test date.
  • Testing takes a student 4 to 5 half days depending on their grade level and number of tests.
  • Mission Vista needs to meet the state’s participation rate goal of 95% for the grade levels that are slated to take these assessments. That being said, parents do have a legal right to opt-out and we should never use scare tactics to try and get their participation. This may include incorrect statements like “your re-enrollment depends on it” or “your planning amount may be reduced.” They do have an option to take an alternative assessment in person.
  • It is important that we treat each family respectfully and supply them with the information they need to make an informed decision about testing.
  • Opt out requests should not be submitted until the testing department officially rolls out the opt out process. If they choose to opt out they will need to complete the alternative assessment in person in Corona over multiple days (2-5) depending on grade level.

Additional questions or concerns? email Darcy Stevens at or call 714-310-6479