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PFT Steps to Success (previously shared):

  1. Check your RC tab of PFT Registration and JotForm and register ALL 5, 7, 9 by 1/19/24.
  2. Have them complete the JotForm waiver (see column I for live feed). You can text this link to families.
  3. Copy and paste this Email #1 PFT All Cities & Dates into an email and BCC all families with students in grades 5th, 7th, and 9th.
  4. Pathways registration directions HERE.
  5. Once you have secured a spot please use Email #2: PFT Reserved Location and Flyer (this email contains the JotForm waiver link).
  6. PFT master list and the flyers are in column L. Do not share the master list directly with families.
  7. PFT FAQs (HST only-Internal)

All students in grades 5, 7, and 9 participate in Physical Fitness Testing. The 2023-2024 test window for PFT is February 1 - March 29, 2024. Each regional team will organize test locations in their region at local parks or other outdoor spaces. PFT locations will be scheduled for 1 1/2 hours but testing may be completed in less, depending on how many students will attend a given location.

All teachers will be expected to proctor at least one regional test location and are responsible for make-up testing until all eligible students on their roster have completed PFT.

Please note that there are no opt outs for PFT. The state requires all students in grades 5, 7, and 9 to participate.

  • State directive: “Students should participate in as much of the PFT as they can.” Therefore, if a student has an injury that prevents them from completing a portion of the test than they can skip it and should still complete as many other events as they can. For example, if a student is unable to walk or run the mile, they may still be able to participate in the other events.

If you have done everything possible to encourage a family to participate but they refuse, please register the student under the REFUSAL location that will be available in Pathways. Questions about individual situations and valid medical excuses can be directed to

Test Location Coordinators and teachers conducting make-up tests should follow these steps:

  • Gather supplies:
    • Sign-in sheet
    • Extra copies of waivers and data sheets
    • Pens, pencils, clipboards
    • 2 Tape measures (need for trunk lift stations)
    • Exercise mats/beach towels for curl-ups and push-ups
    • Timers for mile run
    • GPS app to measure mile - please measure ahead of time using Run Keeper or another app
    • Strip or ribbon for curl-ups
    • Basic first-aid supplies for a skinned knee, etc.
    • Emergency water bottles
  • Assign stations to your location proctors and have them review videos.
  • Print liability waiver.
    • Can be emailed/tested to families ahead of time to expedite check-in. JotForm link:
    • Take extra paper copies to test day just in case.
    • All students must have a signed liability waiver before participating in PFT.
    • Siblings may join in the fun if they have completed the liability waiver.
    • TLC or HST should keep hard copies or scans of liability waivers on file for one year following test date.
  • Print sign in sheet.
    • All students need to be signed in and out.
    • Parents should stay on location while students test.
    • TLC or HST should keep hard copies or scan of sign in sheets on file for one year following test date.
  • Print PFT Student Data Sheets.
    • Print on cardstock and cut these for use by each student.
    • As they work through the stations they will use these to record their results.
    • Collect all student data sheets and enter into pre-filled data collection sheets (online shared document) within one week of the test date.
    • Pre-filled data collection sheets in google drive will be shared with TLCs when available.
    • Teachers with make-up data that needs to be entered should contact to request access to google sheets.
    • TLC or HST should keep hard copies or scans of individual student data sheets on file for one year following test date.

All make-up tests should be completed as soon as possible after the window closes on March 29, 2024.