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Educational Vendors

Educational Vendors are a valuable part of our community and offer the flexibility of choice for Mission Vista Academy students and families. Students have access to hundreds of vendors for both educational products and educational services and we continue to add more options. As a Homeschool Teacher, you will be responsible for helping families understand which educational vendors and educational services are appropriate and eligible for partnership with Mission Vista Academy.

Service Vendor Onboarding Process

  • Suggest a Vendor
  • Vendor Application Survey
  • Vendor Document Submission
  • Review & Approval

Suggested Vendor Form: Families can make requests for Educational Service Vendors using the Suggested Vendor Form. Educational Service Vendors may not submit applications on their own without a request for their services from a family or teacher. The Vendor Suggestion Survey can be found here.

Suggested Vendor Application: Once the Mission Vista Academy Vendor Support Team receives the Suggested Vendor Form, they will verify if we can move forward with the suggested vendor. Vendors will then be asked to complete the Suggested Vendor Application Form for additional information about their business or services. The application provides vendors with the Vendor Guidelines and a list of what we would need should we move forward.

Additional Documents: In addition to the Suggested Vendor Application, prospective vendors are required to provide documents to Mission Vista Academy which may include, but are not limited to:

  • A W-9 Form
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • FBI/DOJ Background Checks
  • Detailed List of Services
  • Vendor Agreement

Review and Approval: The onboarding process for a new vendor will depend on the vendor’s application. For example, an incomplete application will cause delays. It is good to keep in mind that approval of a new vendor may take a full learning period or longer if the vendor application is submitted incomplete. If the vendor requires a LiveScan for multiple people, that can add time to the application process as well.

Mission Vista Academy cannot pay for services prior to vendor approval. The vendor will not be paid by Mission Vista Academy for services rendered without an Enrichment Certificate. Families must have an Enrichment Certificate prior to attending services.

Please note that at any time during the onboarding process the Vendor Department will be unable to discuss the reasons the school cannot continue a vendor application or suggestion. Check the Vendor Requirement section below for some possible reasons that may prevent partnership.

Please see our Educational Vendor Guidelines for any additional information.

Educational Product Vendors

Educational Product Vendors do not need to become approved vendors. Product Vendors are considered vendors that offer educational items and do not require any interaction with students. Educational Products should be carefully reviewed and approved by you, the Homeschool Teacher.

Educational Products can be ordered in the HomeSchool Hub without the approval of the Product Vendor. Unlisted Product Vendors can be ordered using the Other Product Vendor option while placing an order.