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Educational Service Vendor Requirements

Mission Vista Academy is responsible for approving Educational Service Vendors. Mission Vista Academy may approve or reject educational vendors and parent/student requests for educational services from vendors in its sole discretion.

Mission Vista Academy may terminate Vendor agreements and partnerships in its sole discretion based on the needs of the school. Due to the sensitive nature of onboarding, we will be unable to disclose the reason a vendor partnership may have been concluded.

Vendor requirements include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Educational services must be non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.
  • Services must be available to any/all students and should not have tryouts, auditions, testing requirements, etc. to access the services.
  • Vendor shall not serve a School student for more than twelve (12) core academic hours.
  • Services may not exceed $500 a month per student.
    • Mission Vista Academy is unable to provide partial payments for services.
  • Vendor shall not charge any out-of-pocket fees directly to students/families. All required costs to participate in Services must be included in the price of Services and payable by Mission Vista Academy.
  • Vendor shall not require students/families to volunteer, sign any contracts that create a financial obligation, or take any other unreasonable action as a condition of receiving Services.
  • Vendor must have a current and functioning website that outlines services.
  • Vendor must not be affiliated with a private school. Vendor must not be or appear to be, a private school.
  • Vendors are required to execute the Vendor Agreement as part of providing educational services to students.
  • Vendors must follow all applicable health and safety guidelines. This includes any guidelines related to COVID-19.