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(Updated 3/22/2024)

WASC accreditation is an important and validating schoolwide process that focuses on continuous school improvement. Our WASC accreditation status shows school stakeholders that MVA is a quality school, and that staff members are invested in improving school processes and practices to improve student achievement. The ongoing WASC process brings teachers and school leaders together to collaborate and discuss schoolwide achievements and growth and improvement areas.

ICYMI: MVA WASC Back-to-School 2023 Slides and Presentation Recording

ICYMI: LCAP Goals Back-to-School 2023 Slides and Presentation Recording

2023-2024 LCAP Surveys

LCAP Survey Email Template

Tips for Increasing LCAP Survey Participation

2023-2024 School Year WASC Work

MVA's 2023-2024 LCAP

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

WASC Reports and Accompanying Documents

Mission Vista Academy Initial Visit School Description. MVA was awarded an initial three-year accreditation term during the March 2020 initial visit, and the full self-study visit will be held during the 2022-2023 school year.

Mission Vista Academy WASC Self-Study Report: March 2023 visit

MVA Schoolwide Action Plan - The action plan outlines the schoolwide goals, based on the "Critical Areas for Follow-Up," as identified by the WASC Visiting Committee. School staff members will work to implement and achieve these goals and action steps over the next few school years. We will review the action plan and discuss progress to-date each semester.

WASC Visiting Committee Volunteers

The WASC Commission is always looking for certificated school employees to serve as Visiting Committee members. Like all WASC-related activities, serving as part of a VC is a collaborative experience. You will work with other educators to review a school's progress and identify schoolwide strengths and areas for improvement. A WASC visit is a fantastic PD opportunity, where you'll learn a lot about the accreditation process. Plus, it's fun to see what goes on "behind the scenes."

Serving on a WASC VC for a self-study visit requires a three-and-a-half day commitment (Sunday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon). The school you are visiting will cover the cost of your hotel stay, mileage, and meals. In addition to the visit days, you'll spend some time pre-writing the VC report during the weeks leading up to the visit.

WASC will provide training, and the Visiting Committee Chairperson will guide you through every step of the process before and during the visit.

Please email Gillian if you are interested in serving on a Visiting Committee during the 2023-2024 school year.

Questions? Please contact Gillian Simcox, Director of Accreditation and Achievement at