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This information is related to how a student's withdrawal affects enrichment. (Please see HTH 14.2 for complete directions for student withdrawals.)

Click here for more information about student withdrawals and enrichment directions.

If a student is withdrawing from our school, take the following steps:

  1. Immediately place Homeschool Hub accounts on hold.
  2. Notify parents that services cannot be provided past the withdrawal date (even if certificates were issued). Please ask parents to notify their vendors of the withdrawal, so they can make arrangements to pay out of pocket if they continue services.
  3. Follow the instructions to collect school property from the family, by following the instructions on the Library & Returning Items page of the HTH.

Enrichment's Withdrawal Process:

When students withdraw, Enrichment takes the following steps (for students who appear on the withdrawal survey):

  1. Our Enrichment Returns team emails the parents/guardians (or students if 18+) to provide lists of non-consumable items that need to be returned to the school.
  2. If families let our Returns staff know that they already gave the materials to their HSTs, Returns staff will contact HSTs to verify that information & assist with any questions about how to return items to the school.
  3. If parents/guardians (or students if 18+) are unresponsive, Returns staff will follow up with them via a second, follow-up email. Information about the cost of unreturned items is shared with parents. They are notified that they will be invoiced for any unreturned materials.
  4. If materials are not returned after the second notice is provided to parents, the information is provided to the Accounting Department, so that parents can be invoiced.