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Here is a list of technology training resources and information to assist you in this school year.

  1. How do I submit an IT work request ticket on the IT tech help desk?
    1. If you are a staff member, you may log in, via your school email credentials, to the URL below and select “New Ticket” at the top of the page: MVA: From there, please follow all on-screen instructions.
    2. For non-staff customers, to submit a helpdesk ticket, please open your web browser and navigate to the URL below, and then follow all on-screen instructions: MVA:
  2. How do I create an email signature for my email account?
  3. How do I delete my cache, cookies, and history files in google chrome?
  4. How do I install "Google Drive File Stream" into my laptop?
  5. How do I use "Google Takeout"to back up my Gmail data (export and import data for my drive)?
  6. Pii - Training Doc for best practices for preserving senstive information on Pii data.
  7. How do I password protect a word document to be in compliance with FERPA personal identifiable information?
  8. How do I password protect an adobe acrobat (PDF file) to be FERPA compliant with preserving confidential personal identifiable information?
  9. Google G Suite Transition Help Doc

Additional Google Training Resources can be found on our Teacher Support site.

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Resourceful Information related to Technology.