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Star 360 is our school’s in-house assessment. All students in grades TK-12, will participate in the fall, winter, and spring to demonstrate growth.

      • Fall: 8/21/23 - 9/1/23
      • Winter: 12/1/23 - 12/14/23
      • Spring: 4/29/24 - 5/10/24
  • Each subject of the Star 360 assessment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Star 360 can be used for guiding instruction, determining curriculum choices, and to show yearly growth.
  • The Star 360 Early Literacy (27 questions) is given to TK and Kindergarten students by the parent.
  • HSTs will proctor students in grades 1st through 12th for Star Math and Star Reading (34 questions each).
  • Teachers will provide parents with results of the Star 360 so the parent and teacher can work together to create a personalized learning plan for each student.
  • Using assessment data is not only a healthy thing to do internally as a school community but also a required part of the WASC accreditation process and the charter renewal process.
  • As part of our school mission and SLOs, we want to make sure students feel comfortable and are prepared to take an online assessment as a life skill.

Aligns with our Mission and Goals: Our school needs to prepare students to take an online assessment.

  • The mission of Mission Vista Academy is to develop the individual gifts of students in Riverside County and adjacent counties to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens and innovative leaders prepared for academic and real-life achievement in the 21st Century.
  • One of our SLOs (Schoolwide Learner Outcomes) is:
    • Navigators of the Digital World - Navigators of the digital world who are proficient in the use of technology, media, and online resources.
    • Independent Critical Thinkers - ability to problem solve, take ownership, and apply their knowledge to a variety of problems.
    • Effective communicators - who can thoughtfully articulate their thinking with confidence.